08 Mar

Once you have chosen your preferred supply chain recruiter who has specialized in your field whether it is supply chain management, transportation, marketing or logistics, you need to start building a successful working relationship with the professional recruiter you have selected.  What follows is a guide to building a successful working relationship with your recruiter.

Honesty matters. So, ensure that your recruiter understands your particular requirements. If you are looking for a logistics officer, the recruiter should identify the specifications of the position you want to fill. Including the challenges and opportunities on the specifics will help you in choosing the right candidate. When you are going through the recruiting procedure, you may decide to refine your search - which is good. But you must also communicate with your recruiter about the changes. Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAbe3wSKi7k about recruiting.

If you are looking for a job, ensure that you understand what you want. Have a resume that reveals your experience. Indicate the niche you are seeking, specify your salary and state your geographic preference. So that everyone can benefit, both the job seeker and the hiring manager should be honest.

Communication is key when hiring the right candidates. As a hiring manager, you need to communicate what you liked or disliked about a particular candidate to your recruiter with the reasons why. Let them know the steps that ought to be taken and the right time that they should be implemented.

 For job seekers, they need to inform the SCOPE Recruiting recruiter where they have dropped their resumes. Let them know about the kind of job you are looking for, and if you do not like the company, there is no point of working for a company that does not interest you. Lack of communication by the hiring managers and job seeker can lead to speculation. As a result, talent will not be uncovered, and great opportunities would be lost during the recruiting process.

The supply chain recruiting firm should disclose some information to the hiring manager about the candidate. They should be able to tell them why a particular candidate was presented for the position and some of the values they might have considered during the selection process. In the case of job seekers, the recruiting firm should assist job seekers in preparing for the interview by explaining what the position entails. Also, recruiters should also tell some things about the interviewing panel that the candidate is likely to meet during the interview. Through this, the job seeker will be able to understand the reasons for the questions that they were asked during the interview. To get more details, view here for more.

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